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Credit Card Debt Relief � Unsecured Debt Settlement with Debt Free Associates

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We can help you achieve credit card debt relief much faster than you may believe possible. Through our unsecured debt settlement services, we provide beneficial credit card debt consolidation alternatives to help our clients get out of debt. Our debt settlement services include direct negotiation with credit card companies and other creditors.

To learn more about credit card debt relief through our unsecured debt settlement services, contact Debt Free Associates today for a free consultation.

We are confident that a careful analysis of your available options will reveal that � be it credit card or another form of unsecured debt � debt settlement is the most effective, and certainly most pragmatic, solution. Surprisingly, most debt consolidation companies work for and/or have been created by the credit card industry in an attempt to collect debts before attorneys get involved. This has proven a lucrative strategy for credit card companies, but it is important to realize that these organizations have no incentive to provide services that are in your best interest. A prudent financial planner would never recommend a mortgage refinance (one form of debt consolidation) to achieve credit card debt relief. It is substituting secured debt for unsecured debt and you now risk losing your home if you get injured or can't afford your new higher mortgage payments. At Debt Free Associates, our unsecured debt settlement services are designed to provide advice and guidance that is in the best interest of each client. If you are seeking credit card debt relief from experienced industry professionals, our firm can be trusted to help you determine if unsecured debt settlement is the best option for you.

A Sobering Statistic

Of all those who refinance their way out of credit card debt, 77 percent are right back at the same level of credit card debt two and a half years later � only with less equity in their home. In these cases, the initial debt has been paid, but a new and much more serious problem has emerged.

Why Is Unsecured Debt Settlement So Successful?

With debt consolidation, there are no behavior modifications and, eventually, the problem continues or worsens. It is very easy to refinance out of debt with a higher interest rate and/or leveraged property. However, if spending patterns do not change, not only is credit card or any other form of debt relief unsuccessful, but these problems instead propagate, proliferate, and inevitably worsen.

An unsecured debt settlement program requires a person to stop using their credit cards. For a real and effective debt relief strategy, behavior modification must be implemented. Our firm helps clients bring about this change to enable a period of credit debt relief.

If you would like to speak with a credit card debt relief professional about unsecured debt settlement, contact Debt Free Associates, today.

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